Vyrábí se v:     Factory
Zbraň:             Javelin Missile Launchers, Thor's Hammer
Role:               Air/Groun Attacks

300 200 6 75 sec.

Hlášky jednotky:
"Got something for me?"

"Get me back into the fight!"

"Fix me up will yuh?"

"Get me back in da fight!"

"Fear the tunda!"

"I hear you!"

"Don't waste my time!"

"I AM the destroyer!"

"I could aim, but wit dis thing, I don't have to."

"What's wrong commander? They have you pushing too many pencils?"

"I am a tunder god!"

"And I hurl tunderbolts!"

"AIIIIYYAARGHHHH!" (Predator reference - usually coupled with "Get to duh choppa!")

"Quiet, I am trying to sneak up on them!"

"Tunder your lightning, this is crazy!"

"I am rated "T" for "Tor"

"If somebody asks me if I'm really a God, I say yes!" (Ghostbusters reference)

"I'm wasting away here!"

"I'm heavy metal!"

"I'm here, click me!"

"If somebody asks me if I've killed any zerg, I say yes, but... they were all bad."

"Hit me"

"What is best to crush the zerg? See them driven before you, hear the lamentations of the protoss." (A reference from Conan - compliments to espensor for knowing this)