Vyrábí se v:     Planetary Fortress,
                      Orbital Command,
                      Command Center
Zbraň:             Fusion cutter
Role:               Dělník

50 0 1
17 sec.

Hlášky jednotky:
"In the rear with the gear."


"Big job, huh?"

"Go ahead..."

"Ah! You scared me"

"I can fix anything..." *malfunctioning noises* "if this dang thing holds together! Here me baby... hold together."

*buzzing noise and a loud smack* "Gotcha!" ... "Self destruct in 5... 4... 3... 2... " "Uh oh..."

"Oh my cousin Lester saw a Zerglin' once."

*music" "Hey! I wanna hear some Free Zerg!" (Classic song - Free Bird)