AH/G-24 Banshee

Vyrábí se v: Starport
Zbraň:        Backlash Cluster Rockets
Role:          Tactical Strike Aircraft

150100 3 60sec.

Hlášky této jednotky:

"Holla back."

"Call the ball."

"We ain't got all day."

"I'm good on fuel here, smart guy."

"This is the give-em-hell-o-copter."

"What is with you monkies in command."

"Thanks for the... props."

"You can only tie the record for low flight..."

"In space everybody can hear my screm... 'cause I'm a banshee... get it?"

"Today's in flight movie is Ghost Academy - the musical. Starring Zick Efron and Corbin Green." (High school musical... nice)


"Loud and Clear."