Vyrábí se v:     Factory
Zbraň:             Infernal Flamethrower
Role:               Ground

1000 2 30 sec.  

Hlášky jednotky:

"Light it up!"

"Whre's the hot action?"

"Talk to me boss."

"Like a bat out of... duh.. forget it."

"Are you ready for this?"

"Daylight's burnin'"

"Zerg... there what's fer dinner."

"I'm burnin' up the road like a big dog in heat."

"I am speed... kerchow!"

"Yes, in fact I do own the road."

"Offroad? Hell I do my best work off world!"

"Suspension is an integral part of any vehicle; but this one requires suspension of disbelief... get it?"

"Oh boy, I'm hotter than a june bug riding on the bare back of a hind leg of a rabbit with its tail on fire."

"Got a problem with alien races? Seriously, just anticipate the terrain, you'll win every time."

"Put that in your tailpipe and smoke it."

"Ain't home for no banana in my tail pipe."